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all us believers still believe

every time we sing 'two more weeks'

apple juice, man... fucking delicious.
13 May 1992

she didn't choose this role.
I'm Emma. I'm 18. I'm Canadian. I'm generally optimistic. Also, generally awkward. Singing along to anything (especially Journey) is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm enthusiastic about the things I love (you can tell by the capslock). Formerly known as emmaheartscake I mostly post about fandom things, although real life posts will probably happen semi-regularly (disclaimer: these are boring). I spend too much time reading fic and doing nothing on the internet. I think it is absolutely necessary that someone figures out a way to make sarcasm come across through text. I love Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, both together and apart (though mostly together ♥), unironically. Which, hey! That brings me to fandom. I am in Bandom. Which means RPF. That's just how I roll. If that offends you ...you probably don't want to friend me. My primary band are those stupid Fall Out Boys, with a bit of MCR thrown in there. Panic! was my first band and I'm just getting back into them now. I also love Cobras Starship, Hey Monday, The Hush Sound, The Academy Is, The Cab, Gym Class Heroes and empires. So, pretty much everyone. I am kind of dipping my toes into both Criminal Minds and Glee right now, also. And I still read some Harry Potter fic occasionally. I have now jumped headfirst into Inception.

Non-bandom music I am into: Something Corporate, Hedley, Counting Crows, Midtown, Taking Back Sunday, Taylor Swift, The Smiths, The Beatles + their solo work, Jack's Mannequin, Charlotte Sometimes, Blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, Brand New, Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Green Day, Ashlee Simpson, Journey, Butch Walker, David Cook, Katy Perry, The Used, Queen, Kanye West, Ludo, +44, Demi Lovato, Marianas Trench, Say Anything, The Perishers, Death Cab For Cutie, Mark Rose, 5o4 Plan, Bright Eyes, Nightmare of You, Lupe Fiasco, Amanda Palmer, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Third Eye Blind, annnnd lots of other stuff that I can't think of right now.

but she'll play it and make it sincere.
About adding me: If you read all of that and actually still want to friend me, go ahead! I would appreciate a comment on my friends only post but it's not necessary. If you add me I'll go lurk your journal a bit and most likely add you back if you seem like someone I'd get along with (read: pretty much anyone). However, if I don't add you back, no hard feelings. It's probably because I like to keep my flist pretty incestuous and we don't have friends in common. Or you're a troll, whatever.

About me adding you: Sometimes I am creepy! It's not all that uncommon for me to show up in a post all "hi, let's talk about Joe Trohman's stupid face :D" or something. If I friend someone I usually try to leave a comment somewhere letting them know, but sometimes I forget. If I added you and you have no clue who I am, it's because I thought there was something awesome about you. Congratulations! If you don't want to add me back, then don't. No big deal, it's Livejournal, not Serious Business.

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CAPSLOCK, a very potter musical/sequel, adam t. siska, adrienne armstrong, alfred smith, all the alexes, also into cats, american idol, andy mrotek, antm, ashlee simpson, audrey hepburn, audrey kitching, bandom, bandslash, bisexuality, blink-182, bob bryar, bob morris, boy meets world, boys in bands, brand new, breakfast at tiffany's, brendon urie, brian schechter, butch walker, cash colligan, cassadee pope, charlotte sometimes, chocolate, chris faller, chuck bass, chuck palahniuk, clandestine industries, cobra starship, computers, converse, criminal minds, dane cook, darren criss, dave rosin, david cook, decaydance, dexter, disney movies, dr. spencer reid, ed westwick, edward scissorhands, ellen degeneres, ellen page, elliot james, empires, fall out boy, fall! out boy, fight club, forgive durden, formal dreads, frank iero, friends, fueled by ramen, full house, gabe saporta, gabe saporta's basement, gerard way, go to bed pete, gossip girl, green day, greta salpeter, gym class heroes, hanna beth, harry potter, hayley williams, heath ledger, hedley, hey monday, hoodies, icecreepheadaches, icons, inception, ipods, irony, jac vanek, jack's mannequin, jacob hoggard, jersey moriarty, joe trohman, john hughes, john lennon, john mayer, johnny depp, jon stewart, jon walker, joseph gordon-levitt, journey, katy perry, keltie colleen, kurt cobain, lady gaga, mark hoppus, mark rose, michael cera, midtown, mike carden, mike gentile, mikeyway, music, my chemical romance, nate novarro, neil haskell, nirvana, panic! at the disco, patrick stump, pete wentz, pete/mikey, pete/patrick, phantom planet, photography, project runway, ray toro, reading, ryan ross, ryland blackinton, sarcasm, scene queens, sean van vleet, sitcoms, something corporate, spencer smith, sytycd, taking back sunday, taylor swift, team starkid, that 70s show, the academy is..., the beatles, the breakfast club, the cab, the hush sound, the nightmare before christmas, the oc, the social network, the used, this is ivy league, tim burton, tom conrad, travis mccoy, victoria asher, we the kings, william beckett,